Prescription Sunglasses

It’s easy to find great sunglasses, but if you need prescription lenses you shouldn’t have to choose between protecting your eyes from the sun and seeing clearly. That’s why we stock prescription sunglasses – a staple of your summer wardrobe, that’ll protect against UV damage while giving you crystal clear vision.

Why do I need prescription sunglasses?

Sunshine contains UVA and UVB rays, and even short spells of intense exposure to UV can cause damage to your cornea on the surface of your eye, such as photokeratitis, which is essentially like having sunburnt eyes.

More prolonged exposure to the sun which accumulates over the years can increase your risk of developing conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and eyelid cancer. To protect your eyes, it’s important to look for UVA/B certified sunglasses – if you opt for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t offer UV protection, they may actually do more harm, as our pupils dilate behind dark lenses in order to see clearly and actually let more light in.

Polarised prescription sunglasses are also a great solution to eliminate bright glare from the sun while driving, near water or when playing sports, as well as offering UV protection.

We stock a range of designer frames including:


Established in 1917 and designed by world-renowned innovator Cristóbal Balenciaga, these luxury designer frames are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The Parisian brand is known for bold, iconic pieces and timeless classics alike. At the cutting edge of contemporary design, through the brand’s innovative use of techniques and materials they are a must for the fashion conscious.


Express yourself with Ray-Ban this summer. This iconic brand has been leading the prescription sunglasses game for decades, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice clarity of vision to don the ultracool aviator style. Ray-Bans used to be worn by American pilots flying in direct sunlight above the clouds to offer cutting-edge UV and glare protection and have stayed on trend for celebrities and millions of people worldwide since.


Known for their bold, eye-catching frames this global, timeless brand is a well-established influencer and cornerstone of style. With Gucci’s modern approach to fashion under Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the fashion house has reinvented luxury for the 21st Century. Eclectic and elegant they are the perfect investment for any fashion connoisseur.

Consider an investment in prescription sunglasses as an investment in your eye health and your personal style. Book an appointment for an eye exam to get an up to date prescription, arrange a personal frame consultancy with our excellent team, or browse our collections online to find the perfect pair for summer and beyond.