The Best Dry Eye Products

Here at David H Myers we are committed to finding the best products for our patients needs and when it comes to Dry Eye we take it very seriously.

There are so many products on the market that it can be tricky to know what the best dry eye products are.

The Eye Doctor brand has something for everyone!

Dry Eye and Blepharitis are 2 very common eye conditions and can make the sufferers life pretty miserable.
The best way to manage your symptoms? Apply heat then cleanse!
Let me tell you about the heat first of all!

When you have dry eye, the glands that secrete tears to re-wet your eyes and keep them comfortable may be blocked.
Applying heat to your lids can melt away the debris that is blocking those glands and bring welcome relief.

Using The Body Doctor hot eye compress can help relax away your symptoms. The Eye Doctor can be heated in your microwave or oven and used on a daily basis. It has been proven to make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Unlike some similar products that contain flax seeds and wheat etc, (hello allergies!)
The Eye Doctor is filled with BodyBeads® self hydrating technology.

It is also non toxic and non flammable so perfectly safe to use. I love that this product has a removable washable cover.

If you’re not at home, perhaps on holiday and still need to treat your dry eye symptoms, The Eye Doctor Click & GO® instant hot eye compress is ideal as it does not require an oven or microwave to heat up.

Simply click the disk inside the compress to generate the heat required for effective treatment of up to 20 minutes. Reset the mask ready to be activated again by placing it in boiling water.

Now for the cleaning…..

Once you have completed the heating stage , just give your lids a gentle massage with your fingertips to loosen any debris and get on with cleaning those lids.

The Body Doctor Eyelid Wipes are perfect for gently cleaning and soothing sensitive eyes.

The Eyelid Wipes are pre-soaked with preservative and detergent free physiological solutions, perfect for everyday use following your hot eye compress treatment.

Both of these great products have been recommended by Dr Hilary Jones GP who says:

“The Eye Doctor is a simple and effective, reusable solution in treating a wide range of eye conditions.”
Need I say more? A fine endorsement if ever there was one.

Just one more thing…

A little bird informs me that there will soon be a new product added to their already great range! The Eye Doctor Eyelid Cleanser will soon be available. Made up of unique ingredients such as Coconut oil, Argan oil and Micellar water, it’s bound to be a winner.