The Eye Doctor” £19.95 including delivery!

Are your eyes suffering the drying effects of modern day living? Try “The Eye Doctor” for just £19.95 including delivery! Just visit our online shop to order.

Central heating, air conditioning and use of digital screens can all have a detrimental effect on the comfort of our eyes.

“The Eye Doctor” is a microwave or oven hot eye compress that can help treat various eye conditions and bring relief to dry, gritty eyes.

Just pop your “Eye Doctor”in your microwave for 30 seconds or your oven for 7 to 10 minutes, apply over your eyes and lie back and relax-something we don’t do enough of!

After use, gently massage your lids and wipe using a lid wipe or clean tissue.

“The Body Doctor”, a family run business since 2012 developed “The Eye Doctor” and have gone from strength to strength innovating some great products to help manage dry eye symptoms and other eye conditions.

In 2016 “The Body Doctor” were proud winners of The Queens Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category. They have a great product range for both at home and ‘on the go’ treatments.

So, why not treat yourself? For just £19.95 including postage you can have your very own ” Eye Doctor”.

Your eyes will love you for it!